Message from Chairman

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

After more than 23 years of development, starting as the distributor for international brands of electrical and lighting equipments, KTG has become one of the leading corporations in the industry with strong brands including AC, Comet, and iSound.

Our mission is to pioneer in electricity-based holistic solutions and cutting-edge technology to enhance comfortability and inject inspiration to customer life; commit to shareholders’ and employees’ prosperity; with a close attention to social responsibility and environment as well as sustainable development through green energy.

To visualize it, KTG has actively established joint-ventures with huge domestic and foreign groups to optimize the integrated strength of the whole system, modernize management model, upgrade product quality, diversify product portfolio… to better satisfy our clients’ demands.

Looking back on KTG development journey, I always respect individuals and teams who have enthusiastically supported KTG to obtain its existing achievements.

In the context of the country’s stronger integration with the global economy, characterized by entrants of corporates with strong financial strength and solid experience, I strongly believe that KTG are still confident in sustaining our leading position, and conquering new highs with the current supporting level of clients and partners.

KTG expects to continuously accompany your journey of sustainable growth and success, and contributing to the country’s development as a whole.

KTG Chairman

Chairman and General Director

Ngon Dang Trong