Class, innovative designs and leading technology are the values that Lumex construction materials bring to customers and partners.

Originated from Lumex Inc, a fast growing and sustainable enterprise in Thailand, Lumex transferred its technology and franchised to KTG for the Vietnam market. With more than 23 years of experience, KTG has affirmed its position, and distribution capacity through many strong brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Osram, Ledvance… to provide Vietnamese consumers with modern and high quality construction materials.
Lumex inherits the advantage of cutting-edge technology, various product ranges, elegant and trendy designs from Lumex Inc.

Technological factor is always the competitive strength of Lumex. The brand focuses on the highest standards when investing in modern production lines at all manufacturing plants, Lumex commits to providing quality products to customers. Lumex Inc is one of the companies that have contributed positively to the development of Thai building materials industry. In addition, many Lumex products have been selected as the standard for sanitary equipments.

Lumex is constantly developing technologies to provide the best solutions for sanitary equipments, with many product lines such as water-saving showers, bathtubs, wash basins, accessories … In addition, Lumex also provides unique floor tiles and wall tiles solutions which meet all the needs of constructor, and interior decorator such as HD digital brick wall synchronizing with floor tiles, HD stone enameled tiles, glass tiles with Nano technology.