Having been in Vietnam since the 1990s, with a constant effort, superior technology and commitment to safety, Comet quickly dominates the market of electrical and lighting equipments.

In 2005, Comet transferred the production technology and franchise of this brand in Vietnam to KTG which continued to market new products and to ensure the absolute safety for customers with more advance and diversified designs to suit customer taste. Products are available at most distributors, retailers, electrical equipment stores and have become the first choice for electricians, contractors, construction companies in Vietnam.

Comet products complied strictly with international standards such as IEC, EN, BS and Vietnam’s electrical safety regulations.

In addition, KTG has cooperated with Baoviet Insurance Group to acquire insurance for all Comet electrical products. Purchasing Comet products means customers will be insured with a maximum compensation of VND 15 billion for a damage to human and property caused by the product within the territory of Vietnam. This is a commitment to ensure the maximum benefit of Comet customers.

In April 2007, KTG officially received the quality management system of international system ISO 9001:2008 for electrical and lighting products under the Comet brand from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) – Norwegian. This event marked a strong development of Comet in Vietnam market.

Following the above success, with the strength of our distribution system, human – financial resources, technological superiority and desire to offer our customers outstanding experience, in May 2011, Comet officially entered the home appliance market with key products such as electric kettle, rice cooker, blender, glass oven, induction cooker, infrared cooker, air cooler, misting fan, steam cooling fan, etc. With beautiful design, stable quality, advanced production technology and safety, the products have dominated the market and been warmly welcomed by customers. Comet home appliances is available in all provinces nationwide and has become a popular and widely trusted brand.
Comet is dedicated to offer Safety and Convenience to customers through providing electrical equipments & home appliances of international standards.