On June 10, 2019, the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” officially started with the participation of all KTG officers – employees and Companions. Not only limit to the health and mind training for employees and the community, KTG also hopes that through the journey, it will contribute a bit of strength to the “KTG Love Fund”. This activity will awaken the spirit of community dedication and supplement catalyst for the whole KTG and its companions to take more footsteps in this journey.

With the desire to positively contribute to society and community, for many years, KTG has tried to support and help the disadvantaged in life. Therefore, the “KTG Love Fund” was born with many aspirations and ambitions to give the country a bit of strength. During many years of operation, “KTG Love Fund” has accompanied with a number of volunteer programs such as building bridges, giving houses of charity, helping isolated people…

Sharing a goal, the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” will connect with “KTG Love Fund” to create a meaningful journey. This “cooperation” will help those who join the journey to be more motivated to be devoted to society, in addition to caring for themselves.

  1. Content:

With every footstep, Reading, Meaningful action: each individual has also contributed to “KTG Love Fund” with the following conversion:

  • Healthy body: with the number of footsteps that exceed the Target (currently is 3,000 steps), it will be converted (1,000 footsteps = 1,000 VND). Number of converted footsteps applied to the first 1,000,000,000 footsteps.
  • For example: if you go 5,000 steps in one day (except 3,000 steps as prescribed), you have contributed 2,000 steps (corresponding to 2,000 VND) to “KTG Love Fund”.
  • Bright heart and high mind: with 01 Comment about the emotion when reading the article, it will be converted into 2,000 VND to contribute to the “KTG Love Fund”.
  • Meaningful action: With 01 meaningful action of the day, it will be converted into 2,000 VND to contribute to the “KTG Love Fund”.
  • At the end of the 100-day journey “HEALTHY BODY – BRIGHT HEART – HIGH MIND”, the organization board will summarize your achievements and will convert the corresponding amount into the Fund. Also, in order to acknowledge your contribution, the organization board will issue 01 certificate.
  1. Implementation time: June 10 – September 20, 2019.
  2. Method of participation:
  • Each member participating in the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” will participate in the KTG Fanpage – Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart- High Mind” following the link: https: //www.facebook. com / ktg100challenge / and perform the DAILY actions as follows:
  • Walk at least 3,000 steps a day, take a photo (using the Heart app on iOS or the app Fit on Android) and post images in the comment of the HEALTH BODY post on the Fanpage.
  • Read the article about the philosophy of happy life, healthy life and devoted life on the BRIGHT HEART – HIGH MIND post of the Fanpage. Then each member writes down their feelings and emotions about the article (in the specified format).
  • Based on the meaning of the BRIGHT HEART – HIGH MIND post. Each member will perform at least 01 meaningful action (for colleagues, family, friends, community …) and report this action in the comment section of MEANINGFUL ACTION post on the Fanpage.
  1. Participants:
  • All members like Fanpage and participate in all 03 actions / day
  • Including: KTG staff and all companions who have the same goals, the desire to live happily, live healthily, and live devotedly, may participate.

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