So, the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” has passed for 100 days, bringing so many footsteps and dedication to life with meaningful actions and deep feelings.

The whole officers – employees and companions must have spent more than 3 months with the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” with sadness and joy. Why sad? Why funny? All emotions may only be understood by the participants. It can be sad because sometimes the readings have touched on unhappy things or the failures they’ve encountered in life. It can be fun because they shared, even sympathized with friends, relatives, or had more experiences, a different view of life full of fun.

In spite of not in the same industry, the “big family” KTG and their friends shared the same direction when, somewhere, there are still “silent” footsteps daily trying to accomplish big goals. As a result, 154,864,031 footsteps were officially recorded. These are not only meaningful, but also invisible footsteps to create real value.

The Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” was celebrated on KTG Group’s 25th birthday. To commemorate its founding, the Leaderships of KTG not only wishes to give modern products to life, but also hopes to convey the message of a happy, meaningful life to society. 25,400 feelings and 25,400 actions are actual statistics recorded at each comment in accordance with the requirements of the program. There are many profound comments that cannot be summed up, these are the answers and direct sharing in the comments that the participants love.


At the end of the 100-day journey, Mr. Dang Trong Ngon – General Director of KTG shared: “We have made “Love Links” to have companions, side by side on the journey. I was deeply touched since every morning, I was woken up by my companion, he reminded me to exercise by walking and observed if I wrote meaningful feelings and actions? And I did the same to my companion. Each “love link” is a small group to support, remind and encourage each other to walk and write daily feelings… These are precious spiritual gifts and full of love that everyone desires to receive from their colleagues … The Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” was organized not only to achieve Vietnam and Asian Record but also to desire to bring peace, happiness and advantage in life for those who participate. In order to have these things, you must start with a healthy body, a harmonious spiritual life, being happy with what you have and a life full of gratitude, knowing how to help, ready to devote to life.”.

The Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” has ended, but the value of the program will not be lost. The proof for this is the amount of 180,224,031 VND contributed to “KTG Love Fund” and feelings about life, and meaningful actions made life more beautiful.

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