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Technical consultant for home appliances

Job description
– Consulting:
+ Consulting lighting system, civil power system
+ Consulting functions of MCB, MCCB, ACB, etc and types of panels and cable ladders, plastic and iron cable trays used in buildings
+ Consulting panels of Gathergate, Busway Translite, ATS Asco, etc.
– Guiding – transferring:
+ Guiding customers for use
+ Assist Sales upon requests
+ Receive and handle minor defaults.

Job requirements
– Education: University graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
– Be quick and careful
– Good health, visual appearance
– Work with plans and in an independent manner
– Knowledge of project management skills; electrical engineering, electrical equipment, panels, etc.
– Good use of Autocad 2D; comprehensive reading of English professional materials.
– Communication, negotiation, persuasion skills
– Ability of planning and organization
– Knowledge of IEC standards, TCVN on low voltage is a priority.

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